Whitney Lake residents celebrate 4th of July

What a fun day we had at Whitney Lake! With Whitney Lake as the backdrop, the residents of Whitney Lake community celebrated their Annual Fourth of July Event with a great party on Saturday, July 1st. They had a small bicycle parade, followed by a picnic. There were BBQ Cook Off, a huge water slide for the kids, plenty of food and genial camaraderie amongst residents. There were two raffles – a basket with 2 tickets to Riverdog July 3rd game and a 50-50 raffle. Some fireworks lit up the sky later in the evening. Missty Wise from Brittlebush Ln. won both the raffles and Donald Bailey was the winner of the Best Dish for the Cookoff.

Here is the Whitney Lake 4th of July Celebration in photos.




Nick and Lori Bataller leading the parade in Nick’s mustang. 


Kids having a ball at the huge waterslide.

IMG_2343 Melissa Muth and Joylynn Bailey manning the ticket booth.










IMG_2356 L to R: Missty Wise, winner of Riverdog raffle, Keith Holloway, donor of Riverdog raffle and Lindsey Havens, Social Committee member.


Joylynn Bailey counting the raffle proceeds.


Missty Wise showing her winning ticket for the 50-50 raffle with Joylynn Bailey.


Donald Bailey, the winning chef of the BBQ Cookoff.

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