Crime Prevention for New Year’s Eve

From Sgt. Trevor Shelor, Charleston Police, Crime Prevention Unit

Team 3 (James Island & Johns Island) Dec. 18-24 Significant Reported Crimes

Lock Your Car


Team 3 Dec 18-24 CLICK for MAPS

Offense Block Street Date
Burglary / Breaking & Entering 1430 WESTWOOD DR 12/21/17
Burglary / Breaking & Entering 3290 MAYBANK HWY 12/21/17
Drug / Narcotics Violation 1820 FOLLY RD/OLD FOLLY BEACH RD 12/21/17
Drug / Narcotics Violation 2010 FOLLY RD/SOL LEGARE RD 12/19/17
Drug / Narcotics Violation 1520 MAIN RD 12/20/17
Drug / Narcotics Violation 1520 MAIN RD 12/19/17
Theft From Motor Vehicle 1410 TELFAIR WAY 12/23/1
Theft From Motor Vehicle 1120 PEMBERTON FARMS LN 12/21/17


Happy New Year, BUT – Resolve NOT to start it driving drunk!

DUI-Prevention                Car Crash


Don’t ruin or destroy the lives of yourself, your family, or someone else. Have a plan – Have a Designated Driver, Call a Cab, or use Uber/Lyft. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Also, for everyone’s safety and neighborhood peace, remember- in the City of Charleston, Fireworks are Prohibited – even on New Year’s Eve and 4th of July.

Fireworks Prohibited

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