Whitney Lake Fourth of July Celebration 2019

Join in the fun for the Annual Whitney Lake Fourth of July celebration.
Date : Saturday, June 29
Assembly for Parade: 4:15 pm at the corner of Brittlebush and Sugarberry.
Parade: 4:30 pm
BBQ Cookoff Tasting starts at 5 :00 pm
For more details, see the two flyers below:
WL Fourth of July 2019


WL BBQ Cookoff 2019


See y’all!


WL Board Member


Published by SCLMRose

Having retired from the business world, Rosalinda is now pursuing her great love of the written words by catching up on her reading and writing which she had no time before. She writes historical novels and gardening articles. All her books (Stop and Smell the Roses, The Wentworth Legacy, The Iron Butterfly, and BAHALA NA (Come What May) are available at www.amazon.com. On her spare time, she enjoys gardening and volunteering in her neighborhood.

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