Hurricane Preparedness 2017

Below is a message from our Property Manager to prepare for the hurricane season: Whitney Lakes THA Hurricane Preparedness – September 2017       Dear Whitney Lakes THA Owners,   Although it’s too early to tell the path that Irma will take, it’s better to plan for the worst and hope for the best. PleaseContinue reading “Hurricane Preparedness 2017”

Fireworks are Unlawful in the City of Charleston

I just received this message from Sgt. Trevor Shelor of Crime Prevention Unit of Charleston Police a couple of hours ago. For those new to the neighborhood, he was the police officer who gave a couple of lectures on crime prevention at Whitney Lake a few years ago and he always sent us tips on crime prevention. REMEMBER,Continue reading “Fireworks are Unlawful in the City of Charleston”

Whitney Lake residents celebrate 4th of July

What a fun day we had at Whitney Lake! With Whitney Lake as the backdrop, the residents of Whitney Lake community celebrated their Annual Fourth of July Event with a great party on Saturday, July 1st. They had a small bicycle parade, followed by a picnic. There were BBQ Cook Off, a huge water slide for the kids, plenty ofContinue reading “Whitney Lake residents celebrate 4th of July”

A snippet of Whitney Lake Rules and Regulation

Living in an HOA community involves following rules and regulations of the HOA. If you are new, it is time to get acquainted with some of the rules and regulations. They are there to keep the quality of life and maintain the beauty of an HOA community. For the benefit of the new homeowners andContinue reading “A snippet of Whitney Lake Rules and Regulation”