Whitney Lake Annual Easter Egg Hunt

WL Easter Egg Hunt
Photo Credit – Allison Havens

The Social Committee chaired by Joy Bailey will host the Whitney Lake Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, May 24, 2018 at 4:00 PM. Meet at the Firepit at the corner of Brittlebush Ln and Waterleaf Rd.

Pet Parade

There will be a Pet Parade at 4:00 PM. Prizes will be awarded.

The Egg Hunt begins at 4:30 PM sharp. Bring your own Basket. All ages are welcome.

Hot dogs will be provided but bring your drinks and a dish to share. Kona Ice Truck will be on hand for purchases.

There will be games for kids and egg relay too!

For more info, email Joy Bailey at qjoy44_2000@yahoo.com.


Update on Missing Heidi Todd


WL Prayer Vigil
Feb. 14, 2018 – Whitney Lake Prayer Vigil for Heidi Todd’s Safe Return. I’m in front in a light jacket next to the little girl. 




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The Whitney Lake Community came together for a Prayer Vigil tonight at 7 PM in front of our Community Dock. At the end of the prayer service, it was announced that Mayor Tecklenburg of Charleston would have a news conference at 8 PM.


Here is the link to Mayor Tecklenburg’s news conference:




Mayor Tecklenburg announced that Heidi Todd was found and was in the safe hands of the FBI in Riverside, Alabama but the abductor, Thomas Lawton Evans, was still at large.


Later tonight the news announced that the abductor was arrested in Mississippi.

For more info, here are a couple of links:




Thank you for all the wonderful job of the Charleston Police Dept, Charleston Fire Dept, The FBI, the first responders, EMT and the office of Charleston Mayor and their counterpart in Alabama and Mississippi. To the WL community, thank you for your prayers and outstanding community spirit in this difficult time. We show the world that we are a unique community and always looking after each other. To Heidi and the Todd family, we’re happy Heidi will soon be back home. Continue to pray for Mrs. Todd.


Thank you.


Rosalinda Morgan

Board Member, Whitney Lake HOA


An Awful Day for Whitney Lake Residents

Please pray for Heidi. . .

Rosalinda R Morgan

Whitney Lake is a close-knit community and we are always looking after each other. So when the news came out of a missing girl from one of our streets, the whole neighborhood was all out in full force searching everywhere. Together with the police force and the fire department, the residents of Whitney Lake were out there looking for her. You can hardly get through our streets with all the police cars, the fire department personnel and the residents all out there helping out.The helicopter was buzzing overhead with searchlights. A police boat with divers are ready to go in the lake.

Below is the article from Post and Courier. If you have any information please call the Charleston Police – 843-743-7200. Please say a prayer for the little girl and the family.

Charleston authorities searching for missing 4-year-old girl, asking for public’s help

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Crime Prevention for New Year’s Eve

From Sgt. Trevor Shelor, Charleston Police, Crime Prevention Unit

Team 3 (James Island & Johns Island) Dec. 18-24 Significant Reported Crimes

Lock Your Car


Team 3 Dec 18-24 CLICK for MAPS

Offense Block Street Date
Burglary / Breaking & Entering 1430 WESTWOOD DR 12/21/17
Burglary / Breaking & Entering 3290 MAYBANK HWY 12/21/17
Drug / Narcotics Violation 1820 FOLLY RD/OLD FOLLY BEACH RD 12/21/17
Drug / Narcotics Violation 2010 FOLLY RD/SOL LEGARE RD 12/19/17
Drug / Narcotics Violation 1520 MAIN RD 12/20/17
Drug / Narcotics Violation 1520 MAIN RD 12/19/17
Theft From Motor Vehicle 1410 TELFAIR WAY 12/23/1
Theft From Motor Vehicle 1120 PEMBERTON FARMS LN 12/21/17


Happy New Year, BUT – Resolve NOT to start it driving drunk!

DUI-Prevention                Car Crash


Don’t ruin or destroy the lives of yourself, your family, or someone else. Have a plan – Have a Designated Driver, Call a Cab, or use Uber/Lyft. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Also, for everyone’s safety and neighborhood peace, remember- in the City of Charleston, Fireworks are Prohibited – even on New Year’s Eve and 4th of July.

Fireworks Prohibited

Hurricane Preparedness 2017

Below is a message from our Property Manager to prepare for the hurricane season:

Whitney Lakes THA

Hurricane Preparedness – September 2017





Dear Whitney Lakes THA Owners,


Although it’s too early to tell the path that Irma will take, it’s better to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Please begin now to put a plan in place to keep yourself, your neighbors, your unit and our property safe—do not wait until the end of the week. Here’s what you need to know and do:


We are watching Hurricane Irma very closely.  The Weather Channel is reporting that Irma is now a Category 5 Storm and they anticipate it will be located in South Florida by Saturday. Their site states, “By this weekend, Irma will begin to turn north in the direction of a departing southward dip in the jet stream that will set up in the eastern United States. Where that northward turn occurs will be critical for what impacts Irma may bring to parts of the southeastern United States.”  We encourage you to be alert for any announcements you may receive from the local weather stations or from other agencies such as NOAA (National Hurricane Center) Weather Radio. In the Charleston area, the frequency for the NOAA is 162.550-162.450. While the television station is easier to see and listen to, if a storm approaches power usually goes out and radios are the way to go! Just make sure you have plenty of charged batteries.


South Carolina Emergency Management Division (scemd.org), has an excellent 14 page guide with information as to the evacuation routes for your area, phone numbers for emergencies and what you need to prepare and/or purchase if you are staying in the area. Charleston County’s website is useful for determining road closures and openings.


Once a Hurricane Watch is issued, owners should secure all outdoor furniture and decorations.  We strongly recommend you bring all items such as grills, chairs, tables and decorations including items from the screened porch into your villa.  If you use a rental or absentee maintenance company, you may want them to assist you with this.  Management cannot move items for you. If there is a mandatory evacuation, please be reminded to turn off your gas, electricity and water prior to leaving.


Please make sure you have an HO6 policy in force for the interior of your unit.  It is important to understand that if we experience a storm, special assessments are likely.  Please note that the regime will not be boarding up any windows.


After the storm, Yellowstone Landscaping will begin clean-up as soon as possible.  Initial clean up begins with clearing parking lots and walkways of any hazards and for access.  They will then consolidate piles and start removal of debris on the grounds.  Last year’s storm, Matthew, was a category #1 and it took the better part of a month to restore the grounds to pre-storm conditions.


Management will inspect the grounds and building exteriors as soon as safe access is available.  Please have your rental company or absentee owner company inspect inside your villa.  Notify your H06 agent of any damages.


Finally, if Hurricane Irma does hit our coast, it will take time for the power to be restarted and operations resumed.  As soon as we can, we will update everyone by email.




Sally Robinson

Community Manager


Fireworks are Unlawful in the City of Charleston

I just received this message from Sgt. Trevor Shelor of Crime Prevention Unit of Charleston Police a couple of hours ago. For those new to the neighborhood, he was the police officer who gave a couple of lectures on crime prevention at Whitney Lake a few years ago and he always sent us tips on crime prevention.

Fireworks Prohibited


Be kind to your neighbors and obey the law. Many elderly, adults, veterans, children, and pets are very alarmed or stressed by the sound of fireworks, and they pose numerous safety hazards.  If you are concerned about fireworks being shot in your neighborhood, call Dispatch at 843-743-7200.

Chas Police Logo

Whitney Lake residents celebrate 4th of July

What a fun day we had at Whitney Lake! With Whitney Lake as the backdrop, the residents of Whitney Lake community celebrated their Annual Fourth of July Event with a great party on Saturday, July 1st. They had a small bicycle parade, followed by a picnic. There were BBQ Cook Off, a huge water slide for the kids, plenty of food and genial camaraderie amongst residents. There were two raffles – a basket with 2 tickets to Riverdog July 3rd game and a 50-50 raffle. Some fireworks lit up the sky later in the evening. Missty Wise from Brittlebush Ln. won both the raffles and Donald Bailey was the winner of the Best Dish for the Cookoff.

Here is the Whitney Lake 4th of July Celebration in photos.




Nick and Lori Bataller leading the parade in Nick’s mustang. 


Kids having a ball at the huge waterslide.

IMG_2343 Melissa Muth and Joylynn Bailey manning the ticket booth.










IMG_2356 L to R: Missty Wise, winner of Riverdog raffle, Keith Holloway, donor of Riverdog raffle and Lindsey Havens, Social Committee member.


Joylynn Bailey counting the raffle proceeds.


Missty Wise showing her winning ticket for the 50-50 raffle with Joylynn Bailey.


Donald Bailey, the winning chef of the BBQ Cookoff.

A snippet of Whitney Lake Rules and Regulation


Living in an HOA community involves following rules and regulations of the HOA. If you are new, it is time to get acquainted with some of the rules and regulations. They are there to keep the quality of life and maintain the beauty of an HOA community. For the benefit of the new homeowners and tenants of Whitney Lake and a reminder to old homeowners and old tenants, please follow our rules and regulations to maintain the beauty of Whitney Lake and keep all homeowners safe. This is not a comprehensive list but these are the issues that keep on popping all the time.

DOGS AT WHITNEY LAKE – Dogs must be leashed at all times while walking through the community. There have been numerous complaints about dogs running without leashes, jumping on unsuspecting people and their pets. If your dog happens to be having a bad day and decides to bite a neighbor or their pet, you will be held responsible for any injuries! IT’S THE LAW. If your dog is loose and has no collar, the police will pick up your dog and you have to claim it at the police station and pay the fine. Please be a responsible pet owner and abide by the South Carolina Leash Law. If you see one in violation, please call the police (577-7434) to report any violation.

DOG POO AND POO BAG – Dog poo must be picked up and properly disposed of. If you see someone not picking up after their dog or leaving the poo bag around, you can do either one of these things or all of them: take a picture if you can, approach the offender and tell him/her of the offense. If you know where they live, either call the police or report to our property manager at srobinson@ravenelassociates.com. Please be a responsible pet owner.

FEEDING THE WILDLIFE – Please do not feed the ducks, geese and alligators. Ducks and geese leave all their droppings everywhere and nobody pick up after them. Their poops are all over the walking trail, on the dock, on the grass and the streets.

BACK ALLEY DRIVING – All back alleys are one way. For everyone’s safety, please follow road signs. They are not there for decoration. Even if you live in the first building, please drive around to your parking space. It is a small courtesy to your fellow residents of Whitney Lake and will avoid unnecessary accidents.

PARKING ON THE GRASS – is not allowed. It ruins the grass, can break the sprinkler system and the lawnmowers have difficulty mowing the lawn. If the sprinklers get broken, you’ll be charged for its repair. Parking off the grass means all the rubber of your car is on the street, not on the grass.

PARKING IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING – No parking is allowed in front of the building overnight except in designated parking spots on Sweetleaf. Residents and visitors of Sweetleaf can use the designated parking spots on the west side of the road facing toward the lake, not facing toward the entrance.

POLICY ON BOAT, TRAILER, CAMPER, STORAGE SHED ETC. – No one is allowed to have a boat, trailer, camper, storage shed, tent, barn or similar type property in the common areas. Kayak/Canoe should be parked on the kayak racks. Please register your kayak/canoe with our property manager at srobinson@ravenelassociates.com.

USE OF THE FIREPIT – No kids can build a fire at the firepit without adult supervision. Also, burning leaves is illegal on Johns Island. You can get fined.

FRONT FAÇADE COLOR – No one is allowed to paint their front door and outside part of their unit a different color. All doors and trims of all townhouses shall remain the same color as when you buy your unit/s. It was in your covenant when you bought a property here at Whitney Lake so please comply to maintain the uniformity of the homes here at Whitney Lake.

FIREWORKS – Everyone enjoys fireworks during special holidays. On New Year’s Eve, some people had fireworks at the corner of Sugarberry and Brittlebush. It was much too close to the houses. Fireworks are illegal in the City of Charleston and we are part of the City of Charleston.

Whitney Lake is a wonderful place to live and I’m sure it is the reason you buy a home or rent a home here so let’s keep it that way. Let’s take pride in our community and keep Whitney Lake beautiful as ever. Landlords will be held responsible for their tenants. Owners of units at Whitney Lake should be in touch with their tenants to help us with the enforcement of these rules to help with the effort to further improve ownership at Whitney Lake.

Thank you for your cooperation.