Whitney Lake Business Directory

Below is a list of Whitney Lake residents with their business and profession to offer listed alphabetically:


Rosalinda R Morgan

Books Published:

Stop and Smell the Roses Front Cover.jpg




The Iron Butterfly Cover



All books are available at Amazon.com for Kindle and paperback. Stop and smell the Roses is also available in hard copy at Barnes and Noble.com.


Justin Razza

Book Published:

Justin Arraza's book

Available at Amazon.com.


Computer Repair

Timothy Mumford

Tim Mumford's business card


Interior Designer

Kathy Kinnaird

Kathy Kinnard 1


Jewelry Consultant

Matthew Morgan

Matt Bus Card


Marketing Service

Stephen Drisaldi

Stephen Bus Card


Plumbing Service

Nick Bataller

Nick's Plumbing


Real Estate Agents

Jason Barton

Jason Bus Card

Ann Bragg

Ann Bragg Bus Card

Arek Manakyan

Arek Manakyan


Jessica Nieper

Jessica Nieper

Lifetree Real Estate & Re-Newal HOME Painting &

Interior Design





Renewal Home.png


Water Filtering Service

Johnny Zecopoulos

Want to greatly reduce the TOXINS/DIRT from the water coming out of your faucet?

Your body is approximately 72% WATER.  What kind of WATER are YOU?

How SMART are YOU drinking BOTTLED WATER out of PLASTICS, that may leach estrogen like chemicals into the water, that’s .50 to $1 more per bottle at the convenience store and may not be tested?

Maybe you prefer tap water full of chemicals and prescription meds, like your neighbors’ birth control pills or anti-depressants.

Did you know it would take the US Government 1 Trillion Dollars to get its water filtration up to its own standards, which is over 35 years old?

To order filters and/or test your water call/text 843-327-3726

Johnny Zecopoulos, BSME, LMT, Hydration Educator



Rodan + Fields Skin Care Consultant

Catherine Aycock

Catherine Aycock Bus. Card




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